What you need to know about Coma

What you need to know about Coma

A state of deep and often prolonged unconsciousness or unresponsive from which one may not wake up usually as a result of disease or injury, trauma, brain tumor, drug (Cocaine, marijuana etc)/alcohol intoxication or underlying illness or infection.

Even though it is recorded in the Guinness World Book of records that, the largest ever Coma is 37 years and 111 days dating back to 6th August 1941 to 1978, in the case of Elaine Esposito.

But doctors have predicted that, it can take longer than that of the Guinness Book of records.

Latest to hit the world is that of ex French footballer, Jean-Pierre Adams who was mistakenly giving a wrong dose to help him sleep before his knee surgery left him unconscious since 1982.

What you need to know about Coma
Man still in Coma after 37 years

Just recently, he has been able to take in food but still have not uttered a word as said by wife, Bernadette Adams.

Speaking with Dr. Amponsah of Father Dickson Herbal on Okese fm, he said, there is no specific time for Coma recovery. It can be in days, months or years.

Accounting on how one can be in Coma, Dr. Amponsah stated that, when one is in a critical sickness condition like diabetes, stroke, severe injury and and also wrong medication or overdosing drugs.

He also added that, anyone in Coma, can hear and feel the presence and gestures of human but cannot talk nor eat.

As in such cases, the entity may be in another world which mostly when one regain consciousness will be taken of unearthly things.

What you need to know about Coma

On the difference between Coma and Unconsciousness

He explained that, there is s slight difference. ”One can quickly return to normal state with a little first aid when it comes to the case of Unconsciousness but for Coma, one can not do anything no matter the treatment he or she goes through” He said.

Dr. Amponsah concluded by pleading to doctors to be patient when taking care of such people because, one may be in Coma but will still be active irrespective of the time.