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The list is too long & expensive than paying 3 years fees – Guardians

Parents had some air when the Ghana Education Service postponed the re-opening date for the first year students who have been placed to the various Senior High School across Ghana.

Apparently the students were to report on Wednesday 10th Feb 2021 but after a second thought by the GES, they thought it wise to give parents and guardians some space to prepare well.

 “Management had decided that the reopening of schools for first-year students should be rescheduled for Thursday, March 18 through to Sunday, March 21, 2021.” The GES said in a statement.

Parents welcomed this news with great joy as most of them have still not bought all the things the schools have instructed them to buy for their wards before they can report to school.

In most of the prospectus we have chanced upon we have not seen any of them which list of items is less than 20. This actually has given some parents serious headache as the purchase seems not to end.

Summing up all the things one ought buy bofore getting admitted, a parent took to social media to express his view by complaining of the many things which are required before getting admitted.

According to him the total amount of money he is using to buy all these things can pay school fees of 3 years in the era where school fees were paid at public senior high schools in Ghana.

“That’s good, its putting a lot of pressure on parents. They can prepare well now, the things in the prospectus is more than the fees for 3yrs. They’re buying too many things.” The Guardian said in reaction to the postponement of the re-opening.



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