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The creative art industry is one of the poorest industry in this country – Kwame Lotsu

Event consultant and CEO of Milestone House Gh, Livingstone Kwame Lotsu calls the Ghana creative art industry the poorest among the rest.

The former artist manager of Mzbel, 4×4, VIP and others in an interview with Grandmaster Murphy on Todays Entertainment Extra compared the creative industry to that of South Africa and Nigeria where he feels these sister countries sees their industry players as gods.

He said: ”Look our industry is a goldmine but it’s one of the poorest in this country, when you go to South Africa people in this creative art industry, they’re like gods, when you go to even Nigeria people in the creative art industry, including entertainment presenters is not an easy thing but here alone in Ghana is a different ballgame, it’s the direct opposite”.

He also stressed that the name Showbiz is show and business put together and the show aspect of it is just 10% and business aspect takes 90 and it’s about time we get someone who can drive the business aspect of it so the industry will be freed from poverty.

”Listen for donkey years we have built our craft, our talent, our profession to that professional level, now listen the name is Showbiz, it is Show and Business put together made Showbiz, The show aspect of it is just 10% but the business aspect is 90%, all this while we’ve had politicians and Lawyers and whoever who are heading the industry, as it stands now we need somebody who can drive the business aspect it so that that poverty striking thing that is hitting the industry can be resolved”.

He then stated that all the names coming up prior to the ministerial position doesn’t deserve such position.

He stated: ” Socrates somebody that i don’t even want to hear the name, not that i hate him, Socrates is my friend and i like him as a person but as the position no, not even deputy. Listen, Socrates, when we gave him NCC (National Commission On Culture) what did he do? He will give excuses but you see we don’t appoint you for excuses, we appoint you for solutions. if we are to judge him on that he fails willfully.

The next person is Obour, talk about MUSIGA, look at the noise and the comininies that happened. Even MUSIGA you couldn’t run it and you want to run a whole sector ministry? Mc Okraku Mantey, maybe he’s trying to get his ambitions as a future MP so he’s pushing his lack there but hey it’s not about that it’s about somebody to create business and change. You see we want to covert our talent and skill into money”.

Ending his statement, he named Mohammed Awal as the perfect one for the position.

He said: ”But when you look at this man, Mohammed Awal, he’s somebody who has done it before and we need somebody like that not a politician, not industry players who will just come and talk talk when they’re given the position 3 months down the line you and will be writing and we’ll sit on air fighting and throwing jabs on them. I believe it is time  we take the bull by the horn, not play partisan business, not play a friendly business bet get to serious business so that it will benefit the industry. Me if you ask me, i think my choice and the best choice i can go for now is this man Mohammed Awal.






Media mogul||Promoter||Influencer||Pro Dj ||mail: iammellodj@gmail.com ||Twitter @deejaymello_

Media mogul||Promoter||Influencer||Pro Dj ||mail: iammellodj@gmail.com ||Twitter @deejaymello_

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Media mogul||Promoter||Influencer||Pro Dj ||mail: iammellodj@gmail.com ||Twitter @deejaymello_

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