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Sputnik-V vaccines catastrophe: Middleman promises to refund payment

The middleman in Ghana’s botched attempt to procure Sputnik V vaccines, Sheikh Al Maktoum, has stated that he will refund the money he has received for the vaccines he was unable to supply.

In a responds to Health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu’s request for the money to be refunded following the termination of the agreement, the Sheikh said he will refund a total of $2,470,000 to Ghana.

The Sheikh has asked the Minister to confirm the amount that he owes Ghana before he initiates a process to refund.

Mr Agyeman-Manu, who has come under pressure to resign over the deal asked the Sheikh to refund the money paid to him for the doses he couldn’t deliver to Ghana.

Sputnik-V vaccines catastrophe: Middleman promises to refund payment

The middleman terminated the deal because he could not supply the vaccines as promised.

”By this letter, i also wish to formally request for the fund of the remaining amount for the non-supplied doses, which should be the total amount paid to your office, minus the amount due for the 20,000 doses you already supplied, in line with your earlier e-mail dated 25th July, 2021, in which it was affirmed that on the 13th April, 2021, funds were transferred into your accounts as fifty per cent (50%) advance for the initial batch of 300,000 doses.

The ad-hoc committee of Parliament that probed the contract agreements for the purchase and supply of Sputnik-V vaccines has directed the Minister to take steps to recover an amount of GHc16.3 million paid to Sheikh Ahmed Damook Al Maktoum.

The amount the committee stated includes the cost of Sputnik-V vaccines that the Minister of Health paid to Sheikh Al Maktoum, a member of the ruling family of the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai.

The committee urges the Minister for Finance to take steps to recover the money due the Republic in respect of the amount of US$2,850,000.00 (Cedi equivalent of GHC16,331,640.00) being the cost of the Sputnik-V vaccines that were reposed to be procured,” the committee said.

It added: ”We found that the amount of $2.5 million, representing 50 per cent of the contract sum of $5.7 million, has been paid to Messrs Al Maktoum and this translates into the cedis equivalent of GHc16.3 million converted at the the prevailing exchange rate of US$5.73 whereas the minister said he had no knowledge of payment under oath.”

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