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Ghanaians want NPP, NDC to work together – Akufo-Addo

The New Patriotic Party may be preparing for the prospect of not having a majority in Parliament as key figures from within have stressed the need to move beyond petty politics in the legislature.

President Akufo-Addo set the tone with his victory speech saying, Ghanaians “have made it loud and clear that the two parties, the NPP and NDC, must work together especially in Parliament for the good of the country.”

“Now is the time for each and every one of us to unite, join hands, stand shoulder to shoulder and work hard to place Ghana where she deserves to be,” he added.

Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah also agreed with the President’s sentiments.

“The people want to see the NPP and the NDC work together in Parliament. What that means is that for a lot of the petty partisan debate and unnecessary jostle to win political points.”

He stressed that “parties will have to tone down on that and focus more on delivering for the agenda of the Ghanaian people.”

In his view, parties, where ever they stand in Parliament, have the country’s interest at heart.

“The Minority is there to see that the county moves forward. The Majority is there to do same,” Mr. Oppong Nkrumah said.

The Ofoase Ayirebi legislator retained his seat in Parliament but many of his fellow NPP legislators fell during the polls after holding a record Majority of 169 seats to the National Democratic Congress’ 106.

But declared results indicate an almost even split in Parliamentary seats. This may be the first time since Ghana returned to multi-party politics in 1992 that the governing party has not had the majority in Parliament.

Citi News currently has the two parties even with 135 seats apiece with four constituencies outstanding.

A former General Secretary of the Party, Kwabena Agyapong, said a team would be put together to analyse the results.

He described the massive erosion of their majority in Parliament as a major set back when he spoke amid the NPP’s celebrations.

“We are all unhappy about that and I am sure we will find solutions to it and we will be better as a party and we will learn lessons from what has happened.”

Mr. Agyapong also expects more collaboration in Parliament following the trend of results.

“Clearly there is going to be better collaboration especially in the House of Parliament.”

Source: Citi Newsroom

Media mogul||Promoter||Influencer||Pro Dj ||mail: iammellodj@gmail.com ||Twitter @deejaymello_

Media mogul||Promoter||Influencer||Pro Dj ||mail: iammellodj@gmail.com ||Twitter @deejaymello_


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Media mogul||Promoter||Influencer||Pro Dj ||mail: iammellodj@gmail.com ||Twitter @deejaymello_