Ghana to experience high level of violence – Report says

Ghana to experience highe level of violence - Report says

The 2021 Global Peace Index report has predicted an increase in violence in Ghana over the next years.

Ghana ranked 22 in some 30 countries who made the list of countries who have been projected to experience increase in violence.

According to the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), compilers of the index, when countries rank higher in the Global Peace Index (GPI) than in the Positive Peace Index (PPI) the have what is termed a Positive Peace deficit.

”This indicates that the country’s peacefulness is higher that its underlying social structures would indicate it should be. It also means that a country is comparatively more vulnerable to internal or external shocks and runs a higher risk of increased levels of violence,” EIP explained.

Ghana to experience highe level of violence - Report says

The 2021 report by the EIP also ranks Ghana at the 2nd most peaceful country in Africa.

In the same report, Mauritius is ranked first in the Peace Index followed by Ghana.

In the global space, Mauritius is ranked 28th, Botswana placed third in Africa and 41st on the Global Peace Index.

Iceland is ranked number one as the most peaceful country in the world with a score of 1.1. New Zealand, Denmark, Portugal, and Slovenia are ranked second, third, fourth, and fifth respectively.