Ghana to experience 3years political tension – Nigerian Prophet reveals

Ghana to experience 3years political tension - Nigerian Prophet reveals

A Nigerian Prophet identified as Emmanuel Chinoso has disclosed that Ghana would experience political tension that would last for three years.

For those who believe in the words of preachers and Prophets, this message from the man of God might be the answer to their questions on the recent happenings in the country.

According the man of God, s lot of people would lose their lives because this political tension would start with protest and then to a riot-like revolution and all this would begin immediately.

”This thing i saw will bring protest. I saw people die, I saw something that will be like a revolution. There will be a hotness, people will not rest, people will be unrest”, he said.

He made it clear that, the only thing that can save Ghana is calling on prayers and calling on God.

”The Lord said to me; tell my people to pray and pass a warning unto political leaders in Ghana that they shall hear my voice; let them not do what shall temper the blood of the innocent, that blood shall begin to speak.

The Lord said i should warn them that all God’s people in Ghana shall lift up their antenna high and pray a prayer of peace. I saw a tension and the Lord said to me, it will las for three years; not just something that will happen in 2021. I see protest, rioting; i see people die.” He added.

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