Ejura: MCE debunks rumours saying 2 arrested suspects are his bodyguards

Ejura: MCE debunks rumours saying 2 arrested suspects are his bodyguards

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ejura Sekyedumasi, Mohammed Salisu Bamba has denied rumours saying that the two arrested suspects in connection with the death of Kaaka are his bodyguards.

Appearing before the three-member committee probing the disturbances at Ejura on June 29, Mr Salisu said the two suspects are members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and they are people he know but they are not his employees.

When he was asked if there is any reason why anyone will say they are his bodyguards and whether he socializes with them a lot, do they come to the residence, do you eat with them when they come to the residence, why will anyone impugn that you?

He responded, ”Anyone who know Ejura very well and our environment, my house is a place that, whenever any political head is coming to Ejura or anytime there is any national activity, the media can attest to that fat that, my house is filled with a lot of people. And the two gentlemen are our party (NPP) members, and they are polling station executives. And as Chief Executive and parliamentary candidate, definitely, i will have a relationship with all my party members.”

Ending his responds, he said he was out of Ejura on a different assignment on the day of the incident and he received a security briefing in the night not to return to Ejura.

”I got to Mampong when i had a call that i shouldn’t come to Ejura for Security reasons.”

Source: Graphic