Case filed against #FixTheCountry Convenors to be heard by the Accra High Court

Case filed against #FixTheCountry Convenors to be heard by the Accra High Court

An Accra High Court today hear a case brought against Convenors of the #FixTheCountry movement by the Ghana Police Service which prevented them from going ahead with a planned demonstration.

At the last court sitting, the police (applicant) and the Convenors (respondents) clashed in the court over the manner the respondents came to the court holding Ghana flags.

In a Public Order Act 1994, the police is seeking restraining prohibition orders against the #FixTheCountry protest.

Earlier on May 5, the police had a secured exparte order restraining the Convenors from a planned protest on May 9.

That order by Justice Ruby Aryeetey which also barred them from any demonstration until after the restrictions on public gatherings has still been quashed by the Supreme Court.

The apex court said an exparte application was to last for more than 10 days, and so the High Court judge exceeded Jurisdiction.

Per the apex court ruling, the #FixTheCountry convenors can demonstrate provided they satisfy the conditions under the Public Order Act.

However, the police hierarchy as per the case before the court today seeking a restraining order against the convenors.

The police represented by the state attorneys and lawyers of the 14 Convenors would be heard by the court.

Following the drama in court at the last sitting, the judge directed the 14 respondents in the matter to come to court individually and not in groups.

Also coming up in court, the first and second prosecution’s witness in the case of the allege Coup plot and the late JB Dankwah Adu’s would be respectively subjected to further cross-examinations by the defence lawyers.