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Agya Koo is the saviour of Kumawood movies – Oboy Siki

Oboy Siki who is a popular Kumawood actor has waded into the debate of who saved the Kumawood industry from dying in the past.

Speaking with GhPage TV in an exclusive interview, he revealed that Agya Koo who was once the favourite of movie lovers was the one that saved the industry from collapsing due to the influx of Nigerian movies.

According to him, back in those days the late Bob Santo, Judas, himself and others were the ones keeping the Ghanaians happy with their concert party acts.

As at that time Nigerian movies were in the market and Ghana was where the Nigerians always premier their movie but Santo and others shifted Ghanaians attention to concert party which spoilt the market for the Nigerians.

He continued that, they ventured into movies that were making waves until Santo passed on which was very good news for the Nigerians because they thought they could now penetrate the Ghanaian market again but it was at that point that Agya Koo emerged.

God being so good, Agya Koo managed to wow movie lovers and he became the favourite adding that people wouldn’t buy or watch any Ghanaian movie if Agya Koo wasn’t featured in the movie.

Watch the video below:

He concluded that Agya Koo was still in his prime when Kwaku Manu was also introduced unto the movie scene before the later brought in Kwadwo Nkansah aka Lil Win who has now become the funs favorite.

Source: Ghpage

Media mogul||Promoter||Influencer||Pro Dj ||mail: iammellodj@gmail.com ||Twitter @deejaymello_

Media mogul||Promoter||Influencer||Pro Dj ||mail: iammellodj@gmail.com ||Twitter @deejaymello_


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Media mogul||Promoter||Influencer||Pro Dj ||mail: iammellodj@gmail.com ||Twitter @deejaymello_