A/R: 20 year old girl abort and dispose off baby at Ejisu

A/R: 20 year old girl abort and dispose off baby at Ejisu

A 20 year old girl known as Ellen Ofori has allegedly abort a yet to know months baby at Ejisu in the Ashanti region.

In an interview with Okese fm, on sunday 28th of March, she started having pains in her abdomen but she refused to complain to her mother and earlier today the pains became worse but there was no one home to help her out. She felt like going to toilet so she went to a backyard and started pushing out only to find out it was the baby coming.

So she pushed and the baby came out, she packaged it in a polybag and placed it at the backyard just to wait for her parents to come so she tell them what happened.

“On sunday, my abdomen was paining me but i didn’t know it was the pregnancy so i endured the pain but it became worse today. So it was paining me and my grandmothers were not home, they had gone to a durbar so i didn’t tell anyone and i went to sit at the backyard because i was looking for help. Some sisters at the backyard asked me why and i told then i am pregnant and my abdomen is paining me so they asked if they should take me to the hospital and i said yes if only they can. They rushed to go for a taxi but the thing was paining me and i felt like want to go to toilet so i forced and pushed like three times and it came out. The people around me told me to put it in something because people were coming there so it wasn’t my intention to do that” She said.

According to her, this was his second pregnancy.

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